The built heritage – our environment

We are not only Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, but also hold high academic qualifications in the field of Historic Building Conservation.

If you are intending to purchase (or already own) a building more than some hundred years old, this is a historic structure, for which there could be special implications.

If the building is Listed

• What are your rights?

• What are the implications?

• What are your statutory obligations?

• What remedies can be taken against you?


Even if the building is not Listed

• What special maintenance needs arise?

• Do you need special repair techniques?

• How can you make non-intrusive alterations?

• Are there any special Insurance considerations?

• What is the true age and history of your building?

(Edwardian, Victorian, Regency, Georgian, Queen Anne, Jacobean, Tudor … whatever the category, you will probably value the architectural and stylistic elements of your home, you need the right advice.)

Grants? Loan Funding? Consents?

On your behalf we can seek to obtain Listed Building Consents and Approvals in conjunction with ordinary Planning Applications, we can provide essential Heritage Statements which are frequently required in conjunction with alterations, improvements and repairs. We are specialists in the field of Insurance Valuation in respect of Listed Buildings.

Unlike most general practice Chartered Surveyors or Building Surveyors, we are qualified to undertake Building Surveys of Listed or Heritage buildings. We undertake research assignments in connection with the origins and history of older buildings.

Important Note: Many people will be aware that there are statutory fines and other penalties for unauthorised alteration or physical harm to Listed buildings. However, prospective purchasers and owners are less cognisant of the fact that it is the owner for the time being who takes responsibility for any harm or unauthorised alteration to a Listed Building, not the person who caused that harm or alteration.

If you require services in the New Forest National Park Area please click to consult our dedicated New Forest Survey & Valuation Section.


We Consult with the Following Bodies………


We are not just surveyors

we can offer valuations and other professional advice. We also implement and manage repairs, improvements and alterations on your behalf.

We maintain a direct line to a team of named consultants to ensure that our Clients have rapid access to a high standard of advice across the board.

Please Contact Us or Telephone ‭01983 200442‬ for consultation and guidance on costs.

We’re different … Our team includes members of the following:

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

• Association of Building Engineers

• Royal Institute of British Architects

• Royal Town Planning Institute

• Institute of Civil Engineers

• Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

• Institute of Historic Building Conservation

You can be sure that whatever area of Professional Advice you require, we are in a position to help or point you in the right direction.

We also have access to a wide team of Building Contractors and Tradesmen who can implement high quality improvements and repairs to all elements of your property, tradesmen who can be relied upon to provide the right standard of workmanship at the right price.

We will be pleased to provide Site Management advice and overseeing works to implement your plans.


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