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The New Forest is at the heart of the region covered by our Surveyors which extends from around the Solent shores, across Dorset, Hampshire and Sussex, including the Isle of Wight. The sub-soils and geological aspects of the Isle of Wight and the New Forest are directly related as integral parts of the Hampshire Basin.

Damage to buildings caused by subsidence or volumetric changes in ground water content are potentially the most serious event to affect any building; this can also have a serious impact on those who own or occupy the structure. We make it our business to identify the physical signs and to know the geological imperatives, so far as we can without excavation. We also carefully consider the co-existence of buildings with trees, in terms of type, proximity, maturity and relevant soil series.

We Understand Buildings of Every Age – brand new or ancient. Our expert surveyors possess MSc or Post-Graduate Diploma qualifications in Historic Building Conservation in addition to Membership of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and other professional bodies. We take a great interest in older houses and Heritage buildings – we understand their structural types from stabilised earth through cobb and lime to stone. We identify damp, fungal decay and wood boring insect damage in perspective and are wary of many “so called” timber and damp treatment specialists whose recommendations sometimes involve unnecessary cost or even further damage.

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Residential Property Market in New Forest

Since 2005 a large part of the New Forest Local Government District has been designated a National Park.

Across the country home buyers pay a significant extra increment to purchase a home in a National Park.

According to a recent Halifax survey, residential property in National Parks command average values 48% higher than the median cost of similar property outside the Park in the same county. Currently the most expensive of all the National Parks in respect of domestic real estate is the New Forest. The high prices typically reflect lifestyle benefits associated with residing in some of this country’s most picturesque locations.


Covering more than two hundred and fifteen square miles the New Forest National Park incorporates extensive areas of ancient

Broadleaf woodlands, as well as heathland in areas where former cultivation of poor quality soil have reverted. This Park is one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land in Southern England.

The Georgian town of Lymington, noted for its harbour front, sailing marinas and cobbled streets has won accolades for natural amenity and recreational The small towns and villages including Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Beaulieu, Boldre and Sway are among widely known New Forest destinations for residents and visitors alike. The Solent shores, creeks and harbours combine with the forest hinterland and form a region of special charm and appeal.

From the Town and Country Planning standpoint, the New Forest National Park Authority is aware that small scale changes to the landscape, buildings and settlements take place almost constantly. The cumulative impact of such changes could slowly erode the distinctive character of this special environment. In Jan 2022 a “Design Guide” was produced to assist those proposing alteration and improvement works; Click to View (PDF) this useful document.

The topography and geology of the region extends across an elevated plateau, sloping down towards the Solent coast. The water courses cutting through the plateau fall generally south or east towards the Solent or Southampton water. The whole area is contained within a downfold of chalk creating a basin in which gravel, sand and clay predominate. The southern rim of this basin is the high chalk ridge of the Isle of Wight: the Island shares the marls of the Headon beds and the “Bembridge” clays and limes. A broad band of Barton clays and sands typifies the soils adjoining Southampton Water.

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